Horse breeding in Poland is based on the tradition that turns into valuable horse breeds. Implementing all rules, we strive to conduct activities aimed at breeding horses of specific breeds based on their breeding material with the use of domestic and foreign stud, our the goal is to obtain a sports horse, that can easily past the significant test



In Poland, breeding of Thoroughbred racehorses is carried out primarily by private breeders and 3 state stables (SK Iwno, SK Krasne, SK Golejewko). Widzow stable is proudly based on long tradition as well as numerous victories on both national and European level. As a few in the country, it decided to maintain the long-standing tradition associated with breeding Thoroughbred racehorses.


Date of birth: 1999

Breed: WESTF

Father's name: Lord Oezu

Mother's name: Grandezza / General I

Contests: 140cm - 150cm


Date of birth: 2002

Breed: NRPS

Father's name: Andiamo

Mother's name: after Exellent

Breeder: Germany

Competitions: 140cm - 145cm


Date of birth: 2000

Breed: Dutche Sportpferde

Father's name: Lord Pezi

Mother's name: Fronde de Valois / Laeken

Breeder: Germany

Competitions: 140cm - 145cm


Date of birth: 2000

Breed: HOL

Father's name: Corrado I

Mother's name: Diana XXI / Ahorn Z

Breeder: Jan Van Hammond

Competitions: 130cm - 140cm


Date of birth: 2007

Breed: SP

Father's name: Quidamo

Mother's name: Goldmaedel

Breeder: -

Competitions: 130cm - 135cm


Date of birth: 2013

Breed: SP

Father's name: Clear To Jump St. Gyvan Z

Mother's name: R.S. Lorelei / Lord Pezi

Breeder: Tyszko Horses


Date of birth: 2002

Breed: XX

Father's name: Baby Bid

Mother's name: Dżalina / Graf

Breeder: Tyszko Horses

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