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DIPOL prowadzony przez trenera Józefa Palińskiego i dż. Stanisława Dzięcinę po wygraniu Derby w 1972 r. (źródło:

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DŻAMAJKA pod Tomaszem Dulem wygrywa Derby w 2000 r. (fot. archiwum SK Widzów)

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The Horse Stud has been integrally linked to the breeding of English Thoroughbred horses for years, where horse racing is the natural place of selection.


After World War II, the stud was and still continues to be very successful in racing as well as breeding. The proof of this is numerous victories at home and abroad. Horses trained in Widzow won the following classics: 8 times Derby Award, 7 - Ruler Award, Oaks and St. Leger, 6 - Spring Prize, 10 - Great Warsaw Award, 9- Prime Minister's Award, over 150 other non-staged list prizes and dozens of races abroad. Six times the horses were awarded the title of Horse of the Year: Dixieland (1980), Sonora (1982), Szarlatan (1996), Dżajajka (2000), San Luis (2005) and San Moritz (2007). After the war, there were twelve triple crowed horses, from which three of them are still within the Widzow stable: Dipol, Dżajajka and San Moritz.


The Dipol stallion (chestnut, 1969, Antiquarian - Dignitary), was a phenomenal horse, for three years number one in the country, won all 6 races that he participated in.


DIPOL led by coach Józef Paliński and Jan Stanisław Dzięcina after winning the Derby in 1972 (source:


Stallion Szarlatan (gn., 1992, Five Star Camp - Sweden) is one of two horses in the last sixty years, who won the Prime Minister's Award three times (1996, 1997, 1998).


The Dżajajka Mare (chestnut, 1997, Juror - Dżamila), unbeaten on the track in 2000 as the only one in Poland won 4 classics, as well as the Great Warsaw and the Iwna Award. She was recognized as the mare of the century.


DŻAMAJKA under Tomasz Dulem wins Derby in 2000 (photo: SK Widzów archive)


Magnificant stallion San Luis (g., 1999, Dixieland - Santa Monika), was the only one in the history of the Great Warsaw Prize, that took part in it five times and won twice, and took second place twice. Then he competed in races with obstacles and in the 2009 season he won 3 times, and in 2010 once. He was qualified to breed full-blooded and half-blood horses and in 2011 he was at the Janów Podlaski Stud. Unfortunately, the stallion fell down in the spring of 2012, during his stay at the Racot Horse Stud.


Black San Moritz (black, 2004, Roulette - Santa Monika), is the half-brother of the prominent San Luis who was running at the age of 2-6 years on distances of 1000-3000 meter in flat races and with obstacles. During the 5 seasons, he started 19 times (10-2-2-0). As a three-year-old, he was unmatched in Służewiec - undefeated in the country, Triple Crowned, winner of the title "Horse of the Year 2007". He set a record for the Służewiec track at a distance of 1000 meter (0'8,48,4).


Nevertheless, the greatest breeding achievement of Widzów in the post-war period was the breeding of the best post-war sires, stallion Dixieland (g., 1997, Conor Pas - Nastojna), who was an incredible racehorse. He gave three derbies (Bachus, Sollozzo, Limak), he was the Horse of the Year (1980) and his three offspring (Limak, Zagara, San Luis) were also considered the Horse of the Year.

In every stud he hid, he gave winners in non-group races. Stallions San Luis and Masini, described below, are his last sons. Occasionally used in half-bred horse breeding, Dixieland gave a great mare Banderola (kennel SK Skrzydlów), who won the Half-Derby Derby in Wrocław, and then after several years of training and competitions at WKKW Piotr Piasecki won the Polish WKKW Championship there. Bart was also distinguished in this competition, and in recent years Stawros ridden by Paweł Warszawski. In the competition of jumping through the obstacles, the spectators of Dersu and Murzynek stood out, in which Jan Kowalczyk started among others. in New York.


In half-bred horse breeding, the following Widzow stallions were used: Styl, Saroyan, Dżamir, Selim, Sanhedrin, Modern and San Luis.


The breeding horses of Widzów were successful not only for the colours of the main stud but also sold to other studs gave offspring that won the races. Such as derby winner from 2009, stallion Soros, whose mother, mare Sordina, was a Widzow breed, and the mare Infamia, derby in 2010, comes from the Widzow's family of the Lira mares. Widzow's horses run and win also abroad in flat and obstacle races in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Sanders-Cena Ceskoslovenkoho Turfu; Mocarz-Cena Turf - Club, Sollozzo and Dżajajka - Velka Cena Slovenska; Sadomis - St. Leger; Soderano - Breeder Cup Miles, Diatelot and Gentiles - fences).


Masini stallion (bay, 1995, Dixieland - Mansarda) started 47 times in his career: he took first place 14 times, 23 took paid places and won the highest prize in the Czech Republic - 13.5 million crowns. In 2004 Masini won 65 Gran Premio Merano Gd-1 with a record prize of 176 thousand euros and Gran Steeple Chase di Milano Gd-1 with a prize of 65 thousand euros (this race also won in 2007). After his racing career, he became breeding stallion from 2010.


Another Widzow's star - the phenomenal sprinter Scyris (gray, 2000, In Camera - Scytia), he started for 7 years, taking part in 53 races, of which he won 35 on the sum of over 5 million Czech crowns. In 2007 he became the Horse of the Year in the Czech Republic and for 5 years the best sprinter in this country.


In Scandinavia in obstacle races ran and won among others: Czahar, Dignitary, Oviedo, Seraphim (Scyris's cousin). Seraphin won 5 times the Swedish Grand National Steeplchase in Stromsholm and twice took the first place in the German ranking of obstacle horses. Widzów horses also won in England (Secam, Disneyland), France, Spain (Dżudo), Hungary (Sollozzo), Yugoslavia (Sanders) and Germany (Sokman, Dżudo, Scytia). Stallion Dżudo after successes in the country (Ruler and St.Leger) was sold to Sweden in 1981, and then ran and won in Sweden, France, Spain (G- I), Germany, England. Dżudo was one of the two Polish horses that they ever competed in the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and the only one that competed in the Ascot Gold Cup (5 m).


With the start of the 2009 season, in Warsaw Służewiec, SK Widzów - K. Tyszko appeared as a stable, as the company representing race stable of the mother stud Widzów. The initiator of its creation was the owner of the stud - Krzysztof Tyszko. Maciej Jodłowski became the coach and Wiaczesław Szymczuk became the stable jockey.

From the beginning of the 2009 season, Maciej Jodłowski's protegee presented a good form and were very successful. The two-year-old Miller won in the races played for the Dakota and Mokotowska Prizes, acknowledge as the best stallion in his year-round and becoming the winter favourite for the Derby. San Luis was the best horse when it came to running a fence, Satan was also presented great shape in the inner track. Sztaluga also presented exelent form winning race for the Pawimenta Award. Third place in the race in Baden was taken by Dżudoka. Achieved results allowed the trainer to be recognized for a successful debut in Służewiec.

After the death of Krzysztof Tyszko in 2010, the company's stable was abandoned, however, the horses remained in training with Mr Maciej Jodłowski. On the tracks in Poland still appeared horses from Widzów stable.


The breeding stallion Roulette (gn., 1994, Machiavellian - Rimsh, up to 2011) performs very well, including: Dżerald (bay, 2011, Roulette - Dżajajka), Szarif (bay, 2010, Roulette - Szata), Dżordżeta (chestnut, 2009, Roulette - Dżordżia), Sorelin (bay., 2011, Roulette - Sola), Nataniel (bay, 2007, Roulette - Natanja), Dżasper (dark bay, 2003, Roulette - Dżalina), Scinus (dark bay, 2004, Roulette - Scintina) or Szamet (chestnut, 2011, Roulette - Szata).


The Exaltation stallion (IRE) (Bay, 1998, Rainbow Quest - Carnival Spirit, has been at SK Widzów since 2011), gave its best qualities to his offspring, which gives excellent performances comparing to the horses of foreign breeding. For example, Milaneza (bay, 2012, Exaltation - Mikola), as a two-year-old won the Dorpat Award, the Dakota Prize, finally she was the second in the international race for the Efforty Award.


For breeding of Milaneza mare, SK Widzów was awarded an additional distinction, given to breeders of Polish Thoroughbred horses for, as stated in the validation: "breeding the best 2 years old mares - Milaneza, winner of the Dorpata, Dakota awards won by Maciej Jodłowski. and Efforty; - the owner of the stud is Mrs. Anna Tyszko. "


Among the remaining offspring standing out at the races, you can indicate Sosta (bay, 2012, Exaltation - Soczi), Szarotka (chestnut, 2012, Exaltation - Szata), Dżenita (chestnut, 2012, Exaltation - Dżenifer), Santa Clara (chestnut. , 2012, Exaltation - Santa Elena), Salzburg (chestnut, 2012, Exaltation - Santalina).


In the 2017 season, MEETING LIFE (2015), son of an Exciting Life stallion after Mikola, who was sold to France was the most expensive horse of the Służewiec auction.





Detailed racing achievements of horses from Widzów can be traced on the pages belove: http://racehorses.This website is a database of information about the achievements of horses racing on Polish tracks:





In this text photograph's by Monika Metza - Jodłowska and Oliwia Chmielewska were used.


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