The story of the stable in Garbowek is inseparably connected with the creation of Tuszynski KJ Garbowek, which was created in 1998 on the initiative of the great lover and horse-breeder - Krzysztof Tyszko. Over the years, thanks to his dedication, hard work and passion - horses, he created a thriving equestrian centre, focused on the discipline of jumping over obstacles and driving carts.


The first horses purchased in the 90s were base for breeding facilities. From the increasing amount of horses, only a few were tightly selected for further sports training. The number of mounts that were increasing each year after selection went to sports training. The first riders in Krzysztof Tyszko's stable were Galina and Misza Sabitov. Galina was involved in dressage training, and Misza was training a jumping horse, under his supervision the brothers Michał and Mateusz Tyszko started their first training sessions.

In 2002, Jacek Kozłowski, joined the stable, he represented the colours of TKJ Garbówek up to 2010. During this time he stood on the podium of the Polish Championships in Parish Bogies Driving, winning many medals, including winning four times first place (2003 - Gajewniki, 2005 - Jarantów, 2007 - Jarantów, 2008. - Gogolewo, 2009 - Warka). Jacek Kozłowski was also a silver medalist of the Polish Championships played in 2004 in Bielin. He also won medals in the Polish Championships in Single-Horse Driving. In 2002 and 2003 he won bronze medals in Warka and Jarantów, respectively.


Club colours in the role of the competitor and coach were also represented by Zbigniew Januszewski, a well titled and recognizable contestant in comprehensive riding horse competition, who continued training twin brothers  Michał and Mateusz Tyszko. Club coaches were also Marek Skrzypczyk, Krzysztof Aftyka, Stanisław Marchwicki, with whom Michał and Mateusz started to achieve first successes on the national and international arena, winning the championship medals.