Enthusiast, breeder, founder and president of the "Garbówek" riding club in Tuszyn. He was involved in all matters related to equestrianism, always loudly expressing his opinion on key issues. His stubbornness and consistency in action meant that he was wholeheartedly devoted to horses, horse races and equestrian sport.


He actively supported organizations associating lovers of hypology, he was a member of the Polish Association of Thoroughbred Horse Breeders, on behalf of which he was a member of the Board of the Polish Horse Racing Club, a member of the Board of the Regional Equestrian Federation in Łódź, and the Regional Horse Breeders Association in Łódź.


Krzysztof touched many hearts with his kindness and sense of humour. He was a very talented man, easily and quickly making accurate decisions, both breeding and organizational. As a business partner, he was a tough negotiator, which allowed him to become involved in various projects, but he devoted the most time to the management of several farms, a company operating in the automotive industry and related large-area real estate.


Our dear friend, sponsor and head of "family business", looking at the actions taken with a rational eye. In 2010, she became the CEO of the family business, taking over the stick. As a mother of four children she has great organizational skills, she is the perfect person to run the business matters.


She loves a good book and spending time with her family. She actively supports all her beloved ones. Parkur performances she prefers to watch in front of the laptop screen. Well recognised in both stables - Garbówko and Widzów.

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Krzysztof Tyszko (1957 - 2010) horse breeder, patron of horse riding, businessman. He appeared in an equestrian environment unexpectedly and took all of us by surprise with quickly achieved successes.


I met Krzysztof 17 years ago, when he came to Bogusławice and got interested in sport horses. On his first horses - Odra, Haveli, Ekspresie, Enfildzie - Grzegorz Kubiak and Andrzej Głoskowski competed in the Polish Championships of Young Horses. Jacek Kozłowski also came under his wing, as poorer financial condition meant that we could not afford for the maintenance of several teams. Jacek's first victories allowed us to assume that work with Krzysztof will allow his development and bring a lot of successes. Reality surpassed expectations, Jacek Kozłowski won five gold MP medals, he started in the World Cup in pairs and fours.


In addition to riding, Krzysztof was also interested in dressage - Galina Sabitowa competed on his horses, and then they went to other riders.


Then came the time for the sports career of his own sons - Mateusz and Michał. They started as BKJ riders, but then the Tyszko family set up their own club - Tuszyński Klub Jeździecki Garbówek, whose Krzysztof became the president and his sons and Jacek Kozłowski were successful in representing it. Both sons became members of the national team in jumping. Michał won the gold and bronze medal of the MP.


It was a great challenge for him to take over the stud of full blood horses in Widzów,

which was in the breeding collapse, but the situation changed very quickly. The horses bred in Widzów achieved successes on tracks not only in Poland. Krzysztof's happiness and his ability to take advantage of opportunities combined with Jarosław Koch's knowledge and experience have turned in the range of successes on the track and in the racing business. I admired Krzysztof for his business abilities and for investing the money he passionately put into the equestrian sport.


Despite many activities and a full calendar, he was always able to maintain peace, good mood and be a great friend. He never refused to help anyone, he was the life of the party, at every moment, even the tensest situation he could joke and unload everyone with his laughter.


He appeared among us quickly. Unfortunately, he left us too much too soon.

Krzysztof, we will miss you very much.


 Tadeusz Głoskowski